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That thing bumper sticker

That thing bumper sticker

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I saw that thing. That came in here when I was on the couch.
What the fսck?! What the fսck?!
When you can't sleep and you see that thing, you're not just right away, "That's a pig with a mask." You're like, "That's gonna kill me. That's real. That lives on Earth."
I thought I was gonna get eaten! I'm not a stupid fսckin' idiot. I know it was just a pig. But for 50 seconds, it felt really real. And when your first thought is, "Great, don't have to go to work tomorrow," you're relieved because you thought you were gonna get eaten? What the fսck is this world? What have they done to us? What did they do to us?!

Inspired by I think you should leave by Tim Robinson 

3x6 inch glossy vinyl bumper sticker

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