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Great quality

Awesome quality sticker, very cute and funny

Super soft shirt and art that I’m proud to wear while getting kicked out of the Hilton honors continental breakfast

It is the only ridiculous bumper sticker that has truly spoken to me. The quality is great and I am looking forward to causing confusion and laughs

So cute and great quality!

Perfect. Immaculate.

My jeep is going to be indestructible now. Thank you. May the gnomes smile upon us.


This is the second Tim Robinson bumper sticker I have bought and it sparks so much joy. Looking through your Etsy shop and I’m loving everything I’m seeing.

Gorgeously wistful.

Design, colors, sentiment perfect with a ballgown.

. . . and my lawyer knows the judge.

The best way to end any argument. Or prevent one.


I love this shirt!

Fast delivery to the UK and really happy with the quality of the tshirt.

My favorite design from Pretty Bad Co! Great quality as always.

My new favorite patch.

Great quality enamel pin.

The patch is wonderful quality, great message. I love the artwork.

Great quality shirt and printing. I was having a bad day, and this shirt, while truthful, also just makes me laugh.

My favorite shirt

I get so many compliments and people asking me where I got this shirt. I love it. Great colors and quality. I went with the softer cotton shirt and it was worth the extra few bucks.

Looks great! Makes me laugh.

I don’t think anyone in my town knows what it means but I’m sure it will land on at least one person and that’s fine with me.

Absolute hit!

Bought this for a friend as a birthday gift and he absolutely loved it. Our friends are constantly quoting this show and we really love everything about this shirt. 10/10!

How I feel

How I feel playing video games so it resonated with me.

Peels like 💩

It be how it always been pardner

The print quality is poor. Blurred edges around lettering - particularly annoying when this print prominently features text. Looks like it was printed from a JPEG … pretty bad indeed.

I'm sorry to hear you are disappointed. The print isn't really blurry though, the artwork was made with a rough and distressed brush. The original artwork was never "clean" or "smooth" as is intentional. Most of my artwork and designs is made with a distressed and rough ink brush.

Boi Howdy Sticker
Karen Gorecki
Ain’t it though?

Yeeehawwww I sure am sad, but this quality sticker sure does make me smile. 🖤


Sticker is lovely. Thick. Buy it. Stay afloat and ride the wave darlings!